New dataFEED OPC UA C++ SDK Version 5.62.0


The new version V5.62.0 of our dataFEED UA C++ SDKs provides a list of additional functionality:

  • Support of AttributeDataTypeDefinition
  • Support of structures with optional fields
  • Support of OptionSet data type
  • Support of application configuration files
  • Initialization and Deinitialization of Libxml2 via loadToolbox()
  • Validation of CVE-2019-19135
  • Method disableSecurityChecks() replacing ignoreMantis4545() and ignoreMissingNonce()

Together with the complete release notes, the new dataFEED OPC UA C++ SDK is available now. 
If it is not possible for you to download dataFEED OPC UA C++ SDKs from our website, please contact Softing to obtain the software in another way.