Version V5.61.0 of dataFEED OPC UA C++ SDKs Available Now


Extended OPC UA Publisher / Subscriber Available Now

The new version V5.61.0 of our dataFEED UA C++ SDKs now provides an extended OPC UA Publisher / Subscriber functionality, including:

Support of delta frame DataSetMessages
Considering the KeyFrameCount configuration parameter of a DataSetWriter an OPC UA Publisher is able to encode and send delta frame DataSetMessages containing only the changed values.

Support of KeepAlive messages

An OPC UA Publisher continues to send DataSetMessages when no data is available to be sent for a long time.

In addition, the new version V5.61.0 provides the following additional functionality:

Support of OpenSSL V1.1.1d
Support of FileDirectoryType
An OPC UA Server now can expose a file system via OPC UA by using FileDirectoryType in combination with FileType.
A sample is provided for this additional functionality.
Together with the complete release notes, the new dataFEED OPC UA C++ SDK is available for download.