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Softing Industrial presents the Industrial IoT Starter Kit (IISK), a new gateway for industrial IoT solutions. The gateway offers pre-integration with Microsoft Azure Connected Factory and full flexibility based on the OPC UA interoperability standard.

Softing’s new Industrial IoT Starter Kit bundles HPE’s GL20 IoT Gateway, Softing’s proven dataFEED OPC Suite, Microsoft Azure IoT Edge components OPC Proxy and OPC Publisher, and a three-year support contract into a single product. Key features include connectivity for a broad range of PLC and sensor interfaces, and seamless integration with Microsoft Azure Connected Factory. A deployment of the Starter Kit does not require any changes in the customer’s automation network.

Users benefit from reduced efforts for system integration and configuration – a first secure, industrial-grade end-to-end solution in production environments is usually available within less than a day – as well as full flexibility and investment protection based on relevant standards such as OPC UA. For example, it is possible to deploy edge analytics on the gateway, or to connect several client applications in parallel. End customers get started quickly, and can modify and expand their IoT solution as they learn more.

“The Industrial IoT Starter Kit is the fastest and easiest way to securely link production lines – modern ones or brownfield – to the cloud,” confirmed Hans-Werner Auberg, Sr. VP Sales & Marketing, Softing Industrial. “Integrating our dataFEED OPC Suite solution, the kit offers ease-of-use and flexibility, combined with maximum security.”

“The IIoT Starter Kit provides a fast and easy link between machines and the Azure Industrial IoT Cloud Platform. We are very proud of our deep partnership with Softing in the area of IT and OT convergence, which mainly happens at the edge,” said Sam George, Partner Director Azure IoT.

“Industrial and enterprise customers seek to accelerate data insight to take action right from the edge to the cloud,” added Dr. Tom Bradicich, Vice President and General Manager, IoT and Converged Edge Systems, HPE. “Customers can quickly deploy and achieve these outcomes via the turn-key integration of HPE GL20 IoT Gateways with Softing’s Industrial IoT Starter Kit.”

Softing Industrial is a strategic partner to the industrial automation sector, with more than 35 years of experience in industrial communication. With comprehensive technological knowledge and deep understanding of technical requirements in production environments, Softing Industrial and its Data Intelligence business unit understand the needs of industrial customers and speak their language.

The Industrial IoT Starter Kit is Azure certified and commercially available now. First kits have been sold to IT system integrators and to end customers in the manufacturing industry. The Industrial IoT Starter Kit can be ordered directly at Softing, or via Softing’s distribution partners.

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Softing Industrial's Data Intelligence business unit is the expert in implementing and improving efficient and reliable digital data exchange processes in industrial applications as well as between production and IT. It enables the integrated manufacturing of the future, which involves networked systems across different sites and a continual need to optimize equipment and production processes. Softing Industrial Data Intelligence thus serves the ever growing demands of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industrie 4.0.

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