Error message: Access denied (0x80070005)

The error 0x80070005 (Access denied) indicates a DCOM problem.

The problem often lies in the user context used by COM/DCOM to launch the OPC Server (Microsoft DCOM Identity Setting).

The Identity setting (dcomcnfg) also plays an important role by a local connection and even with our OPC Tunnel! In order to handle the underlying OPC Server in the OPC Tunnel correctly, the identity should be set to "Interactive User".

This identity setting is applicable only when running in Application Mode and not as “Service”. Please configure the OPC Server/Client as “Application” in the OPC Tray (Running Mode) and change the identity in the DCOM configuration (dcomcnfg).

In the most cases this DCOM setting is helpful. Otherwise, please configure a user with administrator privileges and password and start the application under this user (on client and server sides).

The DCOM settings are however not part of our scope since the DCOM is a service of the Microsoft Windows operating system. For further information about it please visit the Microsoft Websites.