Softing at the IoT Solutions World Congress


From October 29-31, 2019 the IoT Solutions World Congress 2019 will take place in Barcelona. This world's largest Internet of Things (IoT) event focuses on collaboration between IoT suppliers and the industry, demonstrating ideas and solutions for increasing productivity.

As an expert for an efficient and reliable transfer of information between production and IT, Softing Industrial Data Intelligence is an important supplier of integrated manufacturing of the future, connecting networked systems across different sites and enabling continuous optimization of equipment and production processes. With this know-how, Softing is an important Microsoft partner for Manufacturing IoT and OT/IT integration.

At the IoT Solutions World Congress 2019 in Barcelona, Microsoft in Hall 2, Booth D411 will showcase the capabilities of the Azure platform in various IoT use cases. In the "IoT in the Factory" area, Softing is one of two exhibitors for Manufacturing IoT solutions: in addition to traditional gateways, Softing will present new Azure IoT Edge modules for data acquisition in automation networks. This allows to read process and machine data, e.g. from SIMATIC S7 controllers and the SINUMERIK 840D CNC controller and to integrate these into the Microsoft reference architecture for Manufacturing IoT via the OPC UA standard. All relevant production data is therefore available for applications on the Azure platform. Existing systems can be easily retrofitted with this connectivity solution without any changes to the automation network.

The advantage of the Azure IoT Edge service is that software modules such as Softing's new connectors can be remotely managed through the Azure platform and deployed directly to standard on-premise hardware. Softing is helping to close the gap between technical requirements at the production level and the efficient management of software by IT.