Softing Data Intelligence OPC UA Server Client SDKs for Windows, Linux, VxWorks, .Net, C++, .Net Standard, Android. Download free version opc ua client, opc ua demo server.

dataFEED OPC UA and OPC UA Classic SDKs

Fast Development of OPC UA Server Applications

Fast and Easy OPC Client and OPC UA Server Integration with Softing SDKs

The Softing dataFEED OPC UA SDKs are targeted to developers, who need to embed OPC UA Client/ Server capabilities into their products. They are available as OPC Client SDK and OPC Server SDK and support the Windows, Linux and VxWorks operating systems and the C, C++ and .NET development environments. In addition, the .NET Standard version expand the range to additional operating systems like Android.

For testing purposes, a free dataFEED OPC UA Demo Client and dataFEED OPC UA Demo Server can be downloaded from the website. OPC Classic SDKs are available from Softing as well.

OPC Competence Brochure