eATM OPC UA MDIS Server Module for ControlLogix

How does oil & gas integrate topside DCS with subsea controls? Connect your DCS to ControlLogix and eliminate Modbus integration.

eATM OPC UA MDIS Server Module for ControlLogix

Integrate an OPC UA MDIS Server Directly in Your ControlLogix PLC Chassis

Do you have a subsea oil production application where you need to easily connect the topside platform DCS to a subsea electronics module?
Have you used Modbus in the past and spent a ton of time on integration and testing?

Now you can turn your ControlLogix PLC that’s controlling the subsea electronics module into an OPC UA MDIS Server and easily connect to your topside OPC UA MDIS-compliant DCS client.

The eATM (Enterprise Appliance Transaction Module) in-chassis module puts an OPC UA MDIS Server inside your ControlLogix PLC providing access to subsea tree information with methodes in the PLC and enabling connectivity to OPC UA MDIS clients.

The OPC UA MDIS Information Model objects (like valves, chokes, instrumentation) are pre-defined and recognized by the PLC and the OPC UA MDIS Methods (Move Valve, Step Choke) are pre-defined and recognized by the DCS. As a result, integration time is drastically reduced and a higher quality integration is produced.

eATM OPC UA MDIS Server has been developed making use of the Rockwell Automation Encompass Product Partner program. It enables Softing to design ControlLogix in-chassis modules directly accessing backplane data and control tags.



Faster Implementation and Updates

  • "Configure & Go": No software coding or scripting required for establishing connectivity
  • Automatic enumeration of PLC tags/structures for the local controller
  • Compliant to OPC UA MDIS companion specification with pre-defined Information Model and pre-defined Methods

OPC Foundation Certification

  • Module test by OPC Foundation, testing tool developed by Softing

Rock Solid Security

  • Virus-resistant eATM OPC UA MDIS Server module, as no PC hardware
  • Only possible module access through the configuration software with adjustable user privileges

Robust Data Handling

  • Access to controller data using native backplane communication based on Rockwell Automation Encompass Product Partner program
  • Data transmission using enhanced OPC UA security

Technical Details


Two 10/100/1G Ethernet ports

ControlLogix single-slot module

Standard OPC UA MDIS Server Profile

OPC UA Client-server communications security

OPC UA Client compatibility for scalar tags, UDT component tags, and arrays

Complex Type Facet ControlLogix UDT Support (6.5.11)

Windows 7 configuration software


Non-operating: 0°C to +80°C  
Operating: 0°C to +60°C


5 - 95% non-condensing


2g @ 10 - 500Hz


Non-operating: 50g
Operating: 30g

Power Ratings


Power dissipation

6 W


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