dataFEED OPC Suite Extended

All-in-one Data Integration Solution for Your OPC UA Communication as well as Big Data and IoT Cloud Connectivity

dataFEED OPC Suite Extended is a software solution for OPC UA and OPC Classic communication and for cloud connectivity in a single product. Via the integrated OPC UA Server inclusive Store And Forward, it provides a secure and reliable access to PLCs of all leading manufacturers such as Siemens SIMATIC S7, Rockwell ControlLogix, B&R, Mitsubishi and Modbus controllers (e.g. from Wago).

As a gateway between the two OPC standards, dataFEED OPC Suite also enables the integration of existing OPC Classic components and applications into modern Industrie 4.0 OPC UA solutions. Using the MQTT and REST protocols, production data can be transferred to IoT Cloud or Big Data applications on Microsoft Azure IoT, Amazon AWS, IBM Watson IoT, Bosch PPM and Siemens MindSphere platforms. dataFEED OPC Suite also supports the storage of production data in a file, in an SQL database or in MongoDB and CouchDB.

Read how Bright Skies uses dataFEED OPC Suite Extended and Microsoft Azure to reduce costs for quality assurance.

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Simple and Independent Access to Controllers and IoT

  • Read and write access to data in controllers from leading manufacturers
  • Use without modifying control program
  • Easy integration of existing and new controllers into “Industrie 4.0“* solutions
  • Integration of non-OPC UA-capable components, such as Siemens S7 controllers, into OPC UA solutions
  • Cost savings through further use of already existing OPC Classic components
  • Gateway functionality for connecting controllers and components with integrated OPC UA Server to OPC Classic applications
  • Direct connection of IoT devices (MQTT Publisher) without using an MQTT Broker

Gateway to Big Data and IoT Clouds Solutions

  • Integration of automation devices via MQTT Publisher, MindConnect and REST Client functionality in IoT cloud applications, e.g. Siemens MindSphere, Bosch PPM or Microsoft IoT Connected Factory
  • Easy integration of production data into NoSQL Big Data storage solutions such as MongoDB
  • State-of-the-Art security by SSL/TLS support, including

Easy Configuration

  • Modern, intuitive graphical user interface for fast OPC communication configuration
  • Use of smart hands-on defaults, setup wizards and drag-and-drop support
  • Time savings through effective and efficient configuration of distributed automation systems with many OPC UA and OPC Classic Servers

*“Industrie 4.0“ is a German government-driven initiative for implementing an industrial “Internet of Things”

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Technical Details

Supported dataFEED FeaturesOPC UA Server (including Store And Forward) and Client, OPC Classic Server and Client, OPC Tunnel, MQTT, MindSphere and REST Connector, Database Access (SQL/NoSQL), File Access, Data Exchange, Optimizer, Concentrator, Bridge, Filter, Local
Supported Controllers   Siemens SIMATIC S5, SIMATIC S7 (S7-200, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, S7-1500, including optimized blocks), LOGO! 8, SENTRON
PAC Counter and Siemens-compatible controllers like VIPA controllers
Rockwell SLC-500, PLC-5, ControlLogix and CompactLogix
Mitsubishi Melsec-Q Series with Ethernet interface
B&R controllers with Ethernet interface
Modbus TCP-compatible controllers (Wago, Beckhoff, Phoenix Contact, Schneider Electric, etc.)
All controllers and devices with integrated OPC UA Server
Supported IoT DevicesAll devices with integrated MQTT Publisher (TCP, SSL, WS, WSS)
Supported OPC SpecificationsOPC Classic Data Access V1.0a, V2.05, V3.0, OPC Alarms & Events V1.10, OPC Unified Architecture V1.04
Supported OPC UA Functionality

Data Access profile
OPC UA Server Store And Forward
TCP transport protocol using OPC UA binary coding
Security methods: AES256_SHA256, AES128_SHA256, Basic256Sha256, Basic 256, None
Authentication by user names and passwords including user certificate

Protocols for IoT Cloud Link

MQTT Publisher
V3.1.1, V3.1
QoS, Retain, Last Will and Testament
Security: SSL/TLS including certificates
MindConnect HTTPS
Methoda: POST
Security: SSL including certificates, authentication via Shared Secret or RSA
Methods: PUT, POST
Security: SSL and user authentification including certificates

Supported Databases   NoSQL databases, e.g. MongoDB, CouchDB
ODBC-enabled databases, for example, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server
Other NoSQL- and ODBC-enabled databases upon inquiry
Operation ModeApplication (OutProc Server), Windows Service
Logging, DiagnosticsDetailed system logging, recording of connection information, OPC calls and notifications, OPC data, OPC tunnel telegrams,
database access, …
Supported Operating SystemsWindows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry, Windows 10, Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019
LicensingRuntime license per computer
Demo VersionFull dataFEED OPC Suite Extended functionality, time limited to 72 hours


Order Numbers

LRL-DY-135001dataFEED OPC Suite Extended, Version V5.x, including all supported PLC protocols and protocols for IoT cloud access, OPC UA support including Store And Forward, simultaneous access to a total of up to 100 OPC UA Servers, OPC Servers and OPC Tunnel Servers, additional functionality like data logging and recipe management, Data Exchange, Optimizer, Concentrator and Bridge, including all future enhancements within major version V5.x
HUA-DD-130001USB Hardware Key for dataFEED OPC Suite, Version V4.01 and subsequent, replacing standard Software Key


Scope of Delivery

SoftwaredataFEED OPC Suite Externded
DocumentationManual in PDF format, online help in English and German


Additional Products and Services

TSA-DY-140001Training “Industry 4.0 Communication in Practice“Training "OPC Server and Client in Practice"