With Softing's dataFEED OPC UA Avatar, it has never been easier to develop an OPC UA Server

OPC UA Avatar is a new class of SDKs for OPC UA server development. No OPC UA expertise is required!

Do you need to develop your own OPC UA server but have limited resources and a lack of in-house experience?

We know how steep the learning curve is! Let the OPC UA Avatar help you:

  • Easy to use for R&D engineers, no OPC UA expertise required

  • No need to outsource development

  • Extremely short development times (usually much shorter compared to working with OPC UA SDK)

Who can the Avatar help and how?

Avatar's Use Cases & Applications

  • Attaching an "OPC UA endpoint" to an existing application
  • Unifying data representation, map sql, nosql, messaging systems, plc, etc to OPC UA
  • Fast crafting of servers for testing and simulation purposes
  • “Digital Twin“ OPC UA Interface (not yet supporting companion specifications)
  • OPC UA data aggregation – multiple independent .NET applications reflect their data into a single OPC UA server instance
  • OPC UA server with highly dynamic address spaces – UA object instances lifetime synchronized with the .NET application object instances lifetime

Technical Features

  • Use Visual Studio as single tool for programming and OPC UA address space definition 
  • Easy address space and information model building by adding tags (attributes in C# code) 
  • Mistakes in building non-compliant UA IM/AS prevented at compile time 
  • API for alarms and creation of references 
  • OPC UA clients can manipulate the object model of the “twin application“ 
  • Fault tolerance and failover mechanisms • Redundant architectures / automatic switchover 
  • High data throughput (up to 200000 data changes / sec)
  • Hardware: I7, 8Gb RAM, 4-6-8 core
  • Data source / interface requirements: need to expose .NET API


  • OS system: Windows
  • Hardware: I7, 8Gb RAM, 4-6-8 core
  • Data source / interface requirements: need to expose .NET API