echocollect and Sinumerik 840 D PL

This application note summarizes the possibilities to access data in the Sinumerik 840 D PL. Echocollect supports only the Simatic S7 PLCs officially, not the Sinumerik CNC in general. However, the Sinumerik 840 D PL contains a S7 PLC internally, which memory can be accessed by echocollect. This PLC can be accessed over the X122 connector (MPI PG port, at 187,5 kBaud) only. Only the “DPR” machine memory is accessible with this approach. Unfortunately, the machine vendor usually provides no documentation about the internal data organization in the PLC memory. Therefore some reverse engineering may be necessary. Due to these facts, Softing support cannot assist you in this case. Only the model Sinumerik 840 D PL was tested by our customers, other models of Sinumerik are probably not compatible.