What should I do, when the uaGate 840D cannot connect to the SINUMERIK 840D sI?

It must be ensured that the communication settings of the SINUMERIK 840Dsl are correct and switched on.

The SINUMERIK 840Dsl has various ethernet interfaces:

• X120 is used to connect to the automation network (operator panel interface)

• X127 only serves as a service socket (service interface)

• X130 connects the control unit to the factory network (company ethernet)

The X127 interface cannot be used!

Ideally, the gateway should be operated on the X120, as it is not protected with a firewall. The SINUMERIK has the fixed IP address on this interface. The gateway should then also be configured with a fixed IP address on the machine network interface (> =

Alternatively, the gateway can also be operated on the X130, but the firewall of the NCU (port TCP / 102) must be enabled in SINUMERIK Operate to enable S7 communication.