Which data can be read out with the uaGate 840D?

The following data/areas addressed:

From NC:

  • Real axis values of all axes (actual position, target position, currents at the axes, active drive power, speed, utilization of the axes)
  • Status information of the NC (current program name, override in %, compensation values, e.g. temperature, current NC block, NC program name, tool number, tool condition, error code, error messages / error messages in plain text)

From PLC:

  • State values (production start/end)
  • Operating state of the system (BAG_MDA, BAG_JOG, BAG_Auto, BAG_Ready for Operation, Drive_Ready, NC_Ready, NC_Alarm, signal light_Automatik, signal light_Warnung, signal light_stroke, signal light_parts shortage)
  • Error messages (error code byte, error code bit)
  • Safety functions (emergency stop)
  • Machine number / machine type / station number including unit number, time stamp (date separated from time in ms resolution)