Does the Softing OPC UA C++ SDK support QNX operating system or different other platforms

This article is relevant for all C++ products

Our SDKs basic architecture is platform independent. With the same code basis we support three operating systems as reference implementation:

- Windows,
- Linux
- VxWorks.

The only difference between the three is a small platform abstraction layer. The SDK can be easily ported on various other operating systems respective hardware platforms.
For our SDK you have the option to buy a source code license which makes it easily portable to other platforms. The make-files are also prepared to be ready to use with cross-compilers use. The code itself is written in a platform independent manner.

Additionally Softing can offer a small integration project for a specific operating system and HW platform as well.
The pre-requirements for such an integration project are:

- access to the build tool chain (cross-compiler) installed, and the tool chain usage exemplified with an sample
- access to a target platform for execution of the tests and
- a technical contact to assist us with details regarding the build tool chain and test platform.

The integration project consists of generating the SDK binaries for the target platform, building the client & server test applications to run on this platform and executing the system tests on the target platform. Potential issues found during tests will be addressed and fixed by Softing. In case you’re interested in an integration project, please contact our sales department regarding the commercial aspects.