OPC UA .NET Standard Development Toolkit Available


OPC UA .NET Standard Development Toolkit Available

Haar, May 22, 2018 – With the new OPC UA .NET Standard Development Toolkit, Softing Industrial presents an additional powerful tool for developing OPC UA Servers and Clients. Its advantages include integrated security functions and cloud support.

Softing Industrial has added a new member to its suite of toolkits for the development of OPC UA servers and clients: The OPC UA .NET Standard Development Toolkit is now available using the .NET standard stack of the OPC Foundation. It provides many security functions available for OPC UA data exchange. In addition, cloud applications and services are supported as well.

As with other Softing Industrial OPC Development Toolkits, the new toolkit includes extensive tutorials, examples, and test and simulation tools built on more than 15 years of Softing experience in the development and deployment of OPC toolkits. Thus, customers achieve a significantly shorter time-to-market for integrating an OPC UA interface into their product. The performance of extensive conformance tests additionally guarantees the compliance with the OPC specification to the customers.

The first version of the OPC UA .NET Standard Development Toolkit provides an optimized application programming interface for developing OPC UA Clients. In addition to Windows, these also support Linux and Android operating systems. Subsequent versions then will extend the functionality of this toolkit and provide customers with all the benefits of Microsoft's new .NET standard.

The OPC UA .NET Standard Development Toolkit is available utilizing the Softing Industrial licensing model. This bundles the free use of the toolkit with a three-year maintenance and support agreement. Here, customer benefits from a free update to future new toolkit versions as well as from premium support by Softing specialists.

Sebastian Fischer, product manager for OPC toolkits at Softing Industrial, summarizes: "Using the new OPC UA .NET Standard Toolkit, our customers can immediately utilize our many years of experience as an OPC specialist when working with the latest OPC stack. Plus, they are benefitting from the advantages of our toolkit. Our goal is to continually improve this OPC toolkit and release more versions later this year. Our customer then can use these for free as part of our licensing model."

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