OPC and OPC UA for Developers

dataFEED OPC UA / OPC Classic SDKs

Enable your application with OPC UA or OPC Classic. Using dataFEED OPC SDKs from Softing allows software designers to concentrate on his/her project goal and not on learning the intricacies of the underlying OPC UA technology.

OPC UA and OPC Classic for Developers

Embed OPC UA and OPC Classic communications in the products you are developing using the Softing dataFEED OPC SDKs.

Use Softing's dataFEED OPC SDKs and embed OPC UA and OPC Classic communication capabilities in your products.
The dataFEED OPC SDKs allows to speed up your implementation and to add a complete,  proven and open connectivity option to products you are developing.
Softing dataFEED OPC SDKs cover Windows, Linux and VxWorks operating systems. Use the C++ and C# SDKs to add OPC UA and OPC Classic to your ERP, HMI, DCS, SCADA, Historian or other software applications.

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