eATM tManager ControlLogix

Connect ControlLogix PLC to SQL Databases and Cloud Applications

  • Upload Production Metrics from ControlLogix to Databases
  • Download Recipes from Databases to ControlLogix
  • Connect ControlLogix to databases like Microsoft SQL or Oracle
  • Connect ControlLogix to Cloud applications with MQTT protocol

eATM tManager enables direct bi-directional data exchange between enterprise systems like Microsoft SQL databases and ControlLogix PLCs. eATM tManager is a hardware solution directly integrated in the PLC and thus is better suited for data exchange than using PC-based software applications. Deploying eATM tManager over systems based on VB scripts or FactoryTalk Transaction Manager has the advantage of eliminating the need for another hardware platform between the controller and the SQL database server.

eATM tManager allows downloading recipes and manufacturing instructions in the controller or uploading production parameters for track and trace or monitoring in the database. Microsoft SQL databases are commonly used between MES applications and the production line.

The databases Microsoft SQL and Oracle are supported.

Drivers are available to connect eATM tManager in the ControlLogix rack via the front Ethernet port to additional Allen-Bradley PLCs, Siemens PLCs, Schneider PAC/PLCs, and Modbus PLCs.

eATM tManager has been developed making use of the Rockwell Automation Encompass Product Partner program. It enables Softing to design ControlLogix in-chassis modules directly accessing backplane data and control tags. Also checkout eATM tManager for CompactLogix.


Faster Implementation

  • Eliminates the PC in the middle.  tManager eliminates the PC between ControlLogix and your enterprise SQL database and cloud applications like AWS and Azure.
  • No OPC protocol translation.  tManager understands SQL databases and makes direct databases calls.
  • No software coding or scripting required for connecting ControlLogix to databases.  All database commands are handled via drop down menu options.
  • No tag limit.  Automatic enumeration of PLC and database tags and structures after insertion in ControlLogix rack.

Easy to Operate and Maintain

  • Easily set-up and monitor your operation through extensive online help and unlimited installations of the configuration software
  • Data transfer and transactions are handled by tManager; no software or PC is required for transactions after initial set-up

Rock Solid Security

  • No anti-virus updates and on-going security patches required as needed for PC and software based connectivity solutions
  • Virus-resistant in-chassis module since PC is eliminated
  • It is only possible to edit configuration through the configuration software with assignable user privileges
  • IT approved: All SQL commands configured through menu selection.  SQL code is view only and not accessible.  There is no access to edit or create malicious SQL commands.

Robust Data Handling

  • Access to controller data using native backplane communication based on Rockwell Automation Encompass Product Partner program, resulting in increased transaction speed
  • No need to modify PLC logic for tag monitoring applications such as monitoring key performance indicators
  • Maximized data availability through optional use of store and forward (local buffering) and redundancy using failover server
  • Time-stamped data and logs saved of all transactions for audit
  • E-mail notifications for transaction status and system operation

Technical Details

Database Connectors
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • AS/400 IBM DB2
Cloud and PLC Connectors
  • MQTT for connection to AWS, Azure, Google, or IBM cloud applications
  • Modbus (typically added to connect islands of PLCs to databases)
Communications Adapters
  • TCP/UDP  
  • FTP 
  • Bidirectional e-mail (SMTP outbound included with all adapters)

tManager Connects the ControlLogix PLC to:

  • ControlLogix backplane for access to PLC tags
  • Up to 16 controllers to connect islands of PLCs
  • ControlLogix bridge modules and then to Ethernet/IP, DH+, DH485, ControlNet to connect islands of PLCs
  • Via the tManager front Ethernet port to:
    • other ControlLogix PLCs
    • CompactLogix PLCs
    • PLC-5
    • SLC500
    • MicroLogix 1100, 1400, and 1500
    • Siemens S7-300
    • Siemens S7-400
    • Siemens S7-1200
    • Siemens S7-1500
    • Schneider Electric Quantum Modbus TCP/IP
    • other Modbus TCP/IP devices

Database Functions (via drop down menu)

  • Insert (used to insert a ControlLogix tag value into a new row in a database table, for example monitoring key performance indicators)
  • Update (used to read a ControlLogix tag and update an existing value in an existing row in a database table with that tag value)
  • Select (used to get data from a database table so it can be transferred to the ControlLogix PLC, for example download recipes)
  • Call stored procedures (database custom written programs)

Data Handling

  • Supports arrays, UDT, complex arrays, XML, JSON
  • 7GB onboard memory for store and forward if database connectivity is lost
  • Automatic database failover connectivity
  • Status tag for monitoring tManager health, store and forward state, successful transaction
  • Transaction logging, alarms/alerts, performance

System & Environmental

Two 10M/100M/1G Ethernet ports

ControlLogix single-slot module

Windows 10 Configuration Software


Non-operating: 0°C to +80°C
Operating: 0°C to +60°C


5 - 95% non-condensing


2g @ 10 - 500Hz


Non-operating: 50g

Power Ratings


Power dissipation

7 W




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