dataFEED OPC Tunnel

OPC Tunnel Functionality Supporting Simple and Secure OPC Classic Communication

The dataFEED OPC Tunnel is a component of the dataFEED OPC Suite and eliminates DCOM configuration problems that can arise in OPC Classic communication between different computer platforms. At the same time, it ensures a robust and reliable high-performance data exchange also across network boundaries.


No Need for DCOM Configuration

  • Easy industrial communication by avoiding DCOM and its complex security settings on the OPC Server and OPC Clientside
  • Time-saving configuration of OPC Classic communication across networks

Compliance with Computer and Network Security Policies

  • Secure communication across firewalls
  • Minimum requirements on configuration of PCs used in network
  • Compliance with corporate security policies for firewalls

Data Buffering on Detection of Broken Connection

  • Protection against data loss by automatic local data buffering on detection of broken connection to OPC Client
  • Second-by-second monitoring of OPC Classic communication
  • Automatic re-establishment of OPC connection and transmission of locally buffered OPC data
  • Improved OPC communication behavior

Technical Details

Supported dataFEED FeaturesOPC Tunnel, Filter, Optimizer, Concentrator, Bridge
Supported OPC SpecificationsOPC Classic Data Access V1.0a, V2.05, V3.0, OPC Classic XML-DA V1.01, OPC Alarms & Events V1.10, optional: OPC Unified Architecture V1.02
OPC RolesOPC Client (on OPC Server side), OPC Server (on OPC Client side)
Supported OPC Data TypesVARIANT Data Types I1, UI1, I2, UI2, I4, UI4, R4, DATE, BSTR, BOOL and arrays (VT_Array) of these data types
OPC CertificationTest using OPC Foundation‘s Compliance Test Tool
Operation Mode   Application (OutProc Server), Windows Service
Logging, DiagnosticsLogging of OPC Calls and Notifications, OPC Data, OPC Tunnel frames, text file access (optional), database access (optional), configurable via integrated web server diagnostic interface
Supported Operating SystemsWindows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry, Windows 10
Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012,Windows Server 2012 R2
LicensingRuntime license per computer
Demo Version   Full dataFEED OPC Suite, time limited to 72 hours


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Order Numbers

LRL-DY-134001   dataFEED OPC Tunnel component of dataFEED OPC Suite, Version 4.01 and higher, for access of any number of OPC Tunnel Clients and to 1 OPC Tunnel Server, includes dataFEED OPC Organizer Classic functionality
LRL-DY-134401dataFEED OPC Server Extension component of dataFEED OPC Suite, Version V4.01 and higher, for simultaneous access to a maximum of 50 OPC Servers or 50 dataFEED OPC Tunnel Servers
HUA-DD-130001USB Hardware Key for dataFEED OPC


Scope of Delivery

dataFEED OPC TunnelSoftware on DVD
DocumentationOnline Help in English and German


Additional Products and Services

LRL-DY-134501 dataFEED OPC Suite, Version 4.01 and higher
LRL-DY-134201   dataFEED OPC Organizer UA component of dataFEED OPC Suite, Version 4.01 and higher
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LRL-DY-132301dataFEED OPC Server Rockwell component of dataFEED OPC Suite, Version 4.01 and higher
LRL-DY-132401dataFEED OPC Server Modbus component of dataFEED OPC Suite, Version 4.01 and higher
LRL-DY-132601dataFEED OPC Server Mitsubishi component of dataFEED OPC Suite, Version 4.01 and higher
LRL-DY-132901dataFEED OPC Server B&R component of dataFEED OPC Suite, Version 4.01 and higher
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