uaGate 840D

OPC UA Server Gateway for Siemens SINUMERIK 840D Controllers

The gateway allows reading the complete SINUMERIK 840D machine tool data. It provides access to the NC part with its axis, tool, program and drive data as well as specific alarms. In addition, a connection to the integrated SIMATIC Siemens S7 can be established. The data from both connections are available via the OPC UA and MQTT interfaces and thus can be used for various Industrie 4.0 applications.

With uaGate 840D, important spindle and axis data, such as torque and power consumption, can be read and reused in various applications. In addition, the active program as well as sub programs and the currently used tool is accessible. For instance, these data are available for condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, for data logging or for analysis tasks, such as spindle and axis monitoring. The gateway can also be used to acquire data from older SINUMERIK 840D controllers. Due to the preconfigured data symbol file for the standard use case based on one channel, three axes and one spindle, the user does not require any specific SINUMERIK know-how for reading the data.

The product can simply get mounted next to the SINUMERIK NCU on a DIN rail and requires 24 VDC power supply. It has two independent Ethernet interfaces, one addressing the machine and the other addressing the IT network. Between these, the gateway acts as a firewall. The configuration is performed in just a few clicks using any web browser and the integrated web server.

OPC Competence Brochure


Data access to Siemens SINUMERIK 840D sl PLC- and NC-Area

  • Access to many different Siemens SINUMERIK 840D sl with NCU type 7x0.3 PN and software version >4.3
  • Data integration into higher level management tools like ERP, MES or SCADA systems
  • Embedded OPC UA Server providing open, platform-independent communication
  • Access to NC area containing axis, tool, program, drive data and specific alarms
  • Use of data for analysis, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance or data logging purposes
  • Additional Siemens licenses are not necessary
  • No PLC or NC programming required for initial configuration

Easy Configuration

  • Usage of predefined symbol files for standard configurations like one channel with four axis and four drives
  • AWL file upload of user-defined NCVar Selector symbol files for NCK connection
  • Easy symbol import from SIMATIC STEP 7/TIA projects for S7 PLC connection
  • Gateway configuration using any standard web browser and integrated web server

Industry-proven Security

  • Physically separated Ethernet interfaces protecting SINUMERIK from unauthorized access via IT network
  • Support of security standards like SSL/TLS, X.509 certificates and user authentication for OPC UA and MQTT communication

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Technical Details

HardwareProcessorAltera Cyclone V SoC with Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9
 Connectors2 x IEEE 802.3 100BASE-TX/10BASE-T (independent interfaces)
 Status LEDsPWR (power supply), RUN (running), ERR (error), SYS (configuration)
 Dimensions (H x W x D)100 mm x 22.5 mm x 105 mm
 Power Supply18 VDC ... 32 VDC, SELV/PELV supply mandatory Typically 200 mA, maximum 1 A at switch-on
 Operating Temperature, Horizontal DIN Rail Installation-40 °C .. 50 °C (0 mm minimum distance)
-40 °C .. 55 °C (22.5 mm minimum distance)
 Operating Temperature, Vertical DIN Rail Installation-40 °C .. 35 °C (0 mm minimum distance)
-40 °C .. 40 °C (22.5 mm minimum distance)
 Storage Temperature-40 °C .. 85 °C
 Relative Humidity10 % ... 90 %, non-condensing
 WeightAbout 0.2 kg
 MountingDIN Rail (35 mm)
 HousingPhoenix Contact ME MAX
 Protection ClassIP20
SoftwareProtocolsSIMATIC S7, SINUMERIK, OPC UA (Server, 20,000 items in total), MQTT (Publisher, up to 1,000 topics)
 Supported ControllersSiemens SINUMERIK 840D Solution Line, NCU type 7x0.3 PN and software version V4.3 and higher
 Supported Engineering ToolsSiemens NCVar Selector
ConformityEmissionEC Directive 2004/108/EC “Electromagnetic Compatibility”, EN 55011, Group 1, Class A
EC Directive 2004/108/EC “Electromagnetic Compatibility”, EN 55022, Class A
EC Directive 2004/108/EC “Electromagnetic Compatibility”, EN 61000, Part 6-4
FCC CFR45, Part 15 Section 15.107 and 15.109 (Class A),
VCCI Class A Information Technology Equipment 2002
 ImmunityEC Directive 2004/108/EC “Electromagnetic Compatibility”, EN 61000, Part 6-2
CertificationsCE, FCC, RoHS
Open Source License Declaration


Order Numbers

GAA-YX-145144uaGate 840D
6FC5851-1XC45-4YA8SINUMERIK 840D sl CNC software and SINUMERIK Operate, toolbox including NCVar Selector
(please order directly from Siemens)


Scope of Delivery

HardwareuaGate 840D
SoftwareTool for configuration over integrated web interface
DocumentationQuick Startup Guide (printed documentation)