Connection problems to the underlying OPC Server with the message ‘First connect not executed’

The connection to the underlying OPC Server cannot be established. 
In the log file of the dataFEED OPC Suite you can see the following entry: „First connect not executed“


1. Notice the DCOM Identity settings for your OPC Servers:

  • Start "dcomcnfg" (enter Windows key + R and "dcomcnfg.exe").
  • In the tree view navigate to: Component Services – Computers – My Computer - DCOM Configuration
  • Select your OPC server (right side).
  • Open the context menu (right mouse button) -> Properties.
  • Select the "Identity" tab.
  • Write down the settings and close the window.

2. Set exactly the same Identity settings for the dataFEED configuration:

  • Navigate to Softing - dataFEED Configuration1 in the tree view. You will see two entries for that, once for DA and once for AE. Repeat this step for both entries as this is easier. Select the tab "Identity"
  • Now set exactly the same values as you have noted down from your OPC Server which you would like to connect to (see above).
  • Close this window by clicking on ok and redo the same step and settings on the second entry.

    If the identity setting is not possible because this option is grayed out, then close this window and go to the dataFEED configuration. Change the execution mode first from the menu of the dataFEED Configurator (Local Application -> Run mode). Select another entry as before. After that, process the DCOM settings with step 2. again.

3. Then restart the Softing dataFEED OPC Suite.

The connection to the underlying OPC servers should now be successfully established.