Is the dataFEED OPC Suite a 64-bit application or can they be used on 64-bit systems?

dataFEED OPC Suite is a 32-bit application that can be used on 64-bit systems in 32-bit mode without any limitations or performance reduction.

Background information from the German Wikipedia entry (translated excerpt):
The advantages of 64-bit CPUs include an easier calculation of large integer values. This offers benefits, for example, for encryption algorithms, graphical calculations (e.g. fixed point arithmetic for computer games), 64-bit file systems, or multimedia formats (MPEG2, MP3).

Another advantage over 32-bit architecture is that 64-bit systems can directly address more than four GB RAM. This is useful for applications with large memory requirements, such as video processing applications and database systems, provided they have been programmed for a 64-bit system. In most other applications – in particular, office applications – there is no subjectively noticeable speed advantage.