OPC & Integration Practical Seminars

Course description:
  • Technological basics (COM/DCOM, XML)
  • Presentation of the current specifications (OPC Data Access , OPC XML Data Access , etc.)
  • Installation and configuration of OPC servers and clients ( ETHERNET)
  • Security settings (DCOM) in OPC communication between remote computers
  • Tunneling as a solution to DCOM problems
  • OPC Unified Architecture Features/Technology
  • Configuration of OPC UA servers, including security mechanisms
  • Bridging to switch to OPC UA
  • Comparison between OPC COM/DCOM and OPC UA
  • Archiving of OPC data in databases and various file formats
  • Troubleshooting (typical sources of error in the configuration)
  • Extensive hands-on exercises

Please note that unless otherwise indicated, these seminars are in German. 

Target group:
Users of OPC products, system integrators, sales engineers, service staff. 
You consider using OPC technology in your projects or you are already using OPC products but you want to deepen your know-how and gain additional expertise in solving your daily OPC tasks.
The price includes the training, course materials, certificate of participation from Softing, refreshments during breaks and lunch, and a copy of the book “OPC – From Data Access to Unified Architecture”.

€ 1000

Course reference:

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23.10. - 24.10.2018 OPC & Data Integration Applied Haar
27.11. - 28.11.2018 OPC & Data Integration Applied (English) Nürnberg
11.12. - 12.12.2018 OPC & Data Integration Applied Nürnberg