Data Integration

Entered station parameters are not applied

This only happens if you try to assign station parameters (such as name, IP address) to a new or undeleted echochange.
In all probability, you have attempted to assign these parameters via the second network adapter TP2. A correct assignment of the station parameters is technically only possible via the first network adapter TP1.

When "Start as a Service" is enabled, the DDE server cannot be operated

Use the registry script from the attached ZIP file to unregister the "start DDE server as service" function. After rebooting, you can restart the DDE server's user interface.

With respect to the problem of the server not working as a service, please contact our support team.

Installation under Windows Server fails

The reason is probably that the "Windows Terminal Server" is (also) running on the server operating system.

How to solve the problem:

The INAT software can only be installed by selecting

"Start - Settings - Control Panel - Software - Add New Programs".

Installation under Windows Server 2003 fails

When you use Windows Server 2003, it may happen that after the language selection, the installation of an INAT software application is aborted either without an error message or with a Logger error message.
In all probability, the following registry entry is empty in this Windows Server 2003 version:
"HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MicrosoftWindows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders\Fonts"
Entering the correct value (C:\Windows\Fonts) is not successful. 

How to solve the problem: 
Install the INAT software by selecting
- Start 
- Control Panel 
- Software 
- Add New Programs