How can I use a different OpenSSL version in my application than what is used by the toolkit? [C++]

This article is relevant for all C++ products

If you have the source code of the toolkit, you can download the desired OpenSSL ".tar.gz" file to <InstallDir>/Source/Core/OpenSSL, move/remove the prior ".tar.gz" file from that folder and try to build the toolkit with the different OpenSSL (see OpenSSL Functionality). The toolkit should be compatible with most OpenSSL versions, otherwise it will report compilation errors.

If you have the binary version of the Windows toolkit, then the only problem is, that the two different OpenSSL DLLs typically want to have the same names. To solve that, you can rename the libraries libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll to names with an equal length, e.g. libeayua.dll and ssleayua.dll. Then you can open the DLLs TB5STACK.dll (or TB5STACKx64.dll) and the renamed ssleay32.dll in an editor and search and rename the original DLL names by the new names.

Note: This will work only if the old and new DLL names have the same size, changing the size of the DLL content will cause problems!