OPC UA Client cannot connect to OPC UA Server

This article is relevant for all .Net products

In case you are not able to connect to an OPC UA Server running on a different machine then please check the following:

- make sure the Server endpoint is accessible. i.e. the Server machine can be accessed over the network and the Server port is not blocked (Firewall).
- make sure that Softing OPC UA Client certificate is trusted by the Server application. Softing OPC UA Client will display a pop-up and the user can decide what to do in case the Server certificate is not trusted. So no manual steps required.
- make sure that the Client and Server clocks are synchronized (also the TimeZone). OPC UA applications require Client and Server clocks to be in sync and sometimes this can be the source of rejected connections.
- make sure that at least the Client can discover the available Server endpoints. In "Session Connect" window, you go to "Manual\Double Click to Add Server...". Insert the Server address and click the button from the right side. If the server is accessible you should see all available endpoints. Choose one of them and try to connect to it.

If still not working please check what kind of error you get in the Client logs. Softing OPC UA Client has a live message log viewer on the bottom side of the main window. Copy the exact error message you get in the client log and send it to us for further investigation.