Where can I find the OPC UA Local Discovery Server

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Where can I find the OPC UA Local Discovery Server?

OPC Foundation is providing an implementation of the OPC UA Local Discovery Server. The LDS ensures the very first interoperability step between OPC UA Clients and Servers. The LDS is expected to open well known port (4840) specified in the OPC UA Specification in order to respond to server registration respective clients interrogation calls, therefore it is impossible to run multiple variants of LDS server on the same machine. Softing, together with other vendors decided to support the OPC Foundation’s LDS implementation and to use and recommend it to be used by customers.
All Softing’s Windows based OPC UA products (SDKs, clients and servers) are redistributing the OPC Foundation’s LDS as a separate component in their setups.
We encourage the customers to download and deploy by themselves the LDS from the OPC Foundation website as well. The most recent version can be found here: