Industrial Data Intelligence in a minute

How much potential resides in your production line? We help you find out!

Production analytics methods and technologies can optimize your production. Do you have a specific use-case? We happily carry out a proof of concept and evaluate its technical and commercial feasibility.

Should you need support with defining and assessing a specific use-case, we can organize an on-site industrial data analytics workshop at which we collectively determine the commercial value of the data at hand, define project objectives and requirements and derive the specific task and approach.

After a successful proof of concept we can help you gather and analyze production data in an industrial data analytics project. The goal would be optimizing your own or your customer’s production.

Our dataTHINK industrial analytics solution processes your data in real-time, in your plant, and enables plug and play analytics through OPC UA, with the goal of optimizing your production.

For further information, please contact Jörg Kubas on +49 911 / 54427-0 or email us.