OPC UA C++ Workshop for Developers

Easily Connect IT & Production
Course description:

Get in touch with our experts and learn how to easily integrate OPC UA into your application. In this workshop we will cover our dataFEED OPC UA C++ SDK. The topics of this workshop mainly address developers and decision makers from development divisions. Click here for further information and to try out the dataFEED OPC UA C++ Server & Client SDK.

Workshop Overview


  • Introduction to OPC UA
  • Setting up an OPC UA Address Space
  • Information exchange OPC UA OPC UA Client – Server
  • Standard information models
  • Introduction to Softing OPC UA C++ SDK

Implementing an OPC UA Client

  • Connecting to a Server
  • Authentification of users
  • Read /Write values
  • Subscriptions (notification on data change)

Implementing an OPC UA Server

  • Generate an Address Space
  • Provide (simulated) values
  • Tailored update of data-cache
  • User-specific rights

Participation and registration
Participation is limited to two participants per company and to a maximum of 20 participants per workshop.

Workshop schedule

Start: 01:30 p.m.
End: 05:30 p.m.

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Price: free of charge (including coffee break and small snack)

For further information please contact us.

24.09.2019 OPC UA C++ für Entwickler - DE Stuttgart