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Course description:

Get in touch with our experts and learn how to easily integrate OPC UA into your application. In this workshop we will cover our dataFEED OPC UA .NET Standard SDK. The topics of this workshop mainly address developers and decision makers from development divisions. Click here for further information and to try out the dataFEED OPC UA .NET Standard Server & Client SDK.

Workshop Overview


  • Introduction to OPC UA
  • Setting up an OPC UA Address Space
  • Information exchange OPC UA Client – OPC UA Server
  • Standard information models
  • Implementing an OPC UA Server

Generate an Address Space

  • Provide (simulated) values
  • Tailored update of data-cache
  • User-specific rights
  • Implementing an OPC UA Client

Connecting to a OPC UA Server

  • Authentification of users
  • Read /Write values
  • Subscriptions (notification on data change)

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