Industrial Communication for Industrie 4.0 – OPC UA, MQTT, REST

Take the opportunity to hear from our experts in a relaxed atmosphere how easy it is to use Softing's solutions for your Industrie 4.0 applications and cloud connectivity. The topics and contents of this workshop are tailored to users and interested parties from mechanical and plant engineering, system integrators and plant operators - not suitable for developers


Basic Technology OPC UA

  • OPC UA Data Model
  • Transport Mechanisms
  • Security Concept


  • Subscriber, Publisher, Broker
  • Server, Client
  • Application Scenarios Cloud Topics (Data Storage, Big Data, Small Data)

OPC UA Aggregation

  • Interface Abstraction
  • Address Space Management
  • Security Supervision
    • Certificates (User)
    • Address Space Filter
    • IP Filter

Presentation of OPC UA and IoT Applications

  • uaGate SI 
    Compact gateway for coupling machine and IT via OPC UA and MQTT
  • dataFEED OPC Suite 
    All-in-one software for OPC communication and IoT cloud connectivity
  • dataFEED Secure Integration Server

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