No Local Discovery Server (LDS) for Linux Systems

This article is relevant for all .Net products

All Softing’s Windows based OPC UA products (SDKs, clients and servers) are redistributing the OPC Foundation’s LDS (Local Discovery Server) as a separate component in their setups.
Unfortunately the OPC Foundation doesn’t provide an LDS for Linux systems.

The Windows installation of the SDK installs the LDS and we deliver the batch file “update_discovery_server_store.bat”, which copies the LDS certificate to the server PKI store and the server certificate to the LDS PKI store.
That is how the file “cert_discovery_server.der” appears in the server PKI store.

Currently the only way to use a server on Linux with an LDS is to install and register the LDS on a remote Windows machine.
This step requires to exchange the certificates manually and to configure the correct IP address to the LDS in the sample.
For a quick approach, simply install the C++ SDK for Windows on that Windows machine, then have a look at “<installdir>/Source/PKI/update_discovery_server_store.bat“, where to get and insert the certificate files.

Note: the use of an LDS mainly makes sense when there are several servers and when you need one entry point, where all existing servers are visible. For one server only, the self discovery is sufficient. When you ask that server, which servers are available, then the server replies with the contact data of itself. This feature is automatically provided by the SDK without additional configuration.

Note: it is not necessary to create a certificate for the Local Discovery Server. The LDS should be existent locally. The LDS can register itself.